Capture the Flag (CTF)



Scenario (Multiplayer)


Tahsin Jahin Khalid (Lord-Knightmare)


This 1v1/2v2 multiplayer scenario allows players to participate in the Battle for Wesnoth's iteration of the game mode Capture the Flag (CTF).

Capture the Flag has the following rules:
1. Players play in two teams. East (P1 & P4) and West (P2 & P3).
2. The scenario has to be won by capturing the flag a certain number of times. This number is customisable and defaulted to 3.
3. To capture the flag, one of your team's unit has to move to the enemy base. They become the flag carrier, receiving a custom status and overlay to distinguish them from regular units.
4. To score, the team flag carrier must be moved or escorted to the team's base. That is, taking the Western flag to the eastern base and vice versa.
5. The stolen flag can be returned to the team base by killing the enemy.
6. The flag cannot be transferred between units.
7. Side leaders cannot be permanently killed in this scenario mode. Instead, they are teleported to their base's interior.
8. The objective of the game mode is capturing the flag so targetting side leaders is not recommended. 

Extra Information:
1. If you get bored and/or frustrated at long waiting times for players to join, you may set any side to AI controller. The AI for this scenario has been tailored specifically to play this game mode to an optimal capacity.
2. For further challenge, the scenario also supports options for allowing AI-controlled monster spawns at specific intervals. The difficulty and quantity spawn can be modified by checkboxs under Custom Options.
3. There are also options to spawn Defenders for each base.

For feedback, you are requested to head to the forum topic provided or leave the feedback in the #modding channel of the official BfW discord server with preferably pinging the add-on author, knyghtmare#8753.



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