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Need to urgently level up a unit? some high level unit of yours stole the otherwise useful XP? have a lot of units with small amount of exp? a unit with a lot XP is about to die? well, you came to the right place! this mod provides players a rightclick option to store any units' EXP, and then transfer it to any other one through a somewhat bank-like system, negating all the problems listed above.

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1.5.1 Release
- added russian translation

1.5.0 Release
- ported to 1.15/1.16

1.4.3 Release
fixed the mod not working

1.4.2 Release
fixed a 1.14-related bug, and added compatibility for an upcoming mod of mine

1.4.1 Release
fixed the advancement filter menu appearing after the advancement selection menu on 1.13

1.4.0 Release
fixed a huge bug in the 1.13 version of the addon, merged the MP/SP version of the mod for 1.13

1.3.2 Release
the xp bank menu won't show up on a unit if there are at least 2 enemy units next to him/her. This way the ability should be a bit less abusable.

1.3.1 Release
made the advancement filter toggling option only affect the side of the player toggling it, and not everyone (why haven't i added that before?!)

1.3.0 Release
added an 'advancement filtering' option in 'XP Bank' menu. If this option is enabled, then if a unit levels up normally (without using the 'Withdraw' option) then the player whose unit it is gets option whether to let the unit level up, or deposit all it's exp. this can help prevent exp accidentally being wasted on something unwanted, and prevent the need to constantly deposit from all units. NOTE: you will still see the advancement choosing option before this option appears, but it only matters if you decide not to deposit exp from the unit.

1.2.3 Release
raised the maximum xp head-start to 100

1.2.2 Release
in mp campaigns, the exp will no longer reset at the start of a non-first scenario

1.2.1 Release
when sending exp to someone, only the sender, and the reciever will see the message about it

1.2.0 Release
added a 'Send XP' option (rightclick menu on allied leaders) hopefully this will enable more teamwork

1.1.1 Release
gave the xp bank menu a portrait (it's the tomb guardian from DM). 'Deposit All' option now uses a repeated version of the sound used by the 'Deposit from this unit' menu. the 'invalid WML' message hopefully shouldn't pop up anymore

added the 'Deposit All' option

1.0.0  Release
the initial release



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