Werewolf Era






Larceny, developed by Atreides.


Werewolves that morph at night. Complete with separate exp/level(e.g. Peasant/L3 Werewolf), percentage-based linked health, and crappy sprites. Was created more or less from the Steelhive Era, but included contributions from the XP Era and Era of Myths. (set-upwise) A gigantic thank you goes to Zookeeper, who showed me the error of my ways and the wonders of WML.

Ported from Wesnoth 1.8 to 1.14/16 by Atreides.

NEW & IMPROVED! (What is this? Laundry detergent? Maybe the werewolves got a nice shampooing.) :)
The crappy werewolf sprites have been replaced. (and shampooed)
The night is shorter. (dawn is no longer were-time although it might be Miller-time if you survived the night)
I've worked on this some and the newly added 'Default Werewolf Era' might be balanced. They only get level 0 humans as recruits and a level 1 leader. Costs have been adjusted. Now they are very weak in the day and still monsters at night.
The old era is still there for those with a need to ruthlessly savage some victims, hehehe. Well the victims are now from AoH so they might resist a few seconds longer. <wide grin>



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