War of the Jewel







Part IV: City of the Sun - Centuries have passed since the refugees of the Last War, led by Myra of Hiera'Shirsha and the Exodus Heroes, have established a new city for themselves in the faraway Netjer-Ta, the golden Maat'Kare; although they are constantly combatting foes who threaten to conquer them, the Maat'Karians have experienced times of relative comfort. However, this age of peace is soon to end, when the ancient evil that nearly destroyed their ancestors reappears at the very heart of their civilization, attracting upon itself the greedy eyes of darkly neighbours... And, in this brewing storm, the young Akhen Wadjet, Myra's last heir, will be forced to overcome his fears and doubts to protect the legacy his ancestor gave her own life for...
(Part II of the Dragon Trilogy; SP Campaign, parts IV and V done with 28 scenarios, including 1 dialogue-only

Requires War of Legends add-on

Note: the port does not include the ASoF Music add-on yet. Play without it for now.

Note 2: The port is working, but is buggy so feedback is appreciated.

Please send Feedback to the Wesnoth Modders Guild Discord server's #content-feedback channel directly. Will be missed/not read otherwise.

This has been ported by the Wesnoth Modders Guild because we care.



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