A War Of Life And Death

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647 YW - The Silver Age of Wesnoth - This tells the tale of the Elvish Lord Ardonath, as he defends the Great Northern Forest in a Grand Alliance as it stands against an invasion of the Dead.

(Intermediate level, 16 scenarios, 4 dialogue only, work in progress)

This campaign includes several hundred custom units most of which were taken from (or derived from) the Reign of the Lords Era add-on by The_Gnat and some of the mainline campaigns. A huge thanks goes to The_Gnat for letting me use his fantastic Era for this campaign. I highly recommend trying out the Reign of the Lords add-on for yourself.

This campaign shall see you fight with, and against, a wide variety of factions with changing objectives and use of custom items you can find in certain scenarios. With custom units providing a wide range of choices of advancements for your units, and unique AMLAs for certain heroes, you should not worry about running out of ways to strengthen your army.

This campaign includes repeated references to mainline campaign lore, so it is recommended (althought not strictly necessary) to first play Northern Rebirth and Eastern Invasion. There are also some minor references to The Legend of Wesmere, The Hammer of Thursagan, Heir to the Throne, and eventually, Delfador's Memoirs.

This is a work in progress released for Pre-Alpha testing.

This campaign is partly translated to Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) up to and including Scenario 6 thanks to the efforts of ERROR1025 (Thank you for your contributions).

Note: This was made for 1.14 and now updated for 1.16. Should there be issues caused by the transition to 1.16 please let me know on the forums. 

Enjoy :)



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