War of Legends





Tahsin Jahin Khalid (Lord-Knightmare)


This is a multiplayer era that consists of my favourite factions. Originally, it was an amalgamation of the add-ons Great Legend Era and GLE Extended.

Contains 17 factions: Loyalists, Orcish Union, Aragwaithi, Vampires, Dark Legion, Sylvans, Undead, Outlaws, Drakes, Quenoth Elves, Minotaurs, Knalgan Alliance, Deep Elves, Steel Hive, Dunefolk, Nightmares and the Windsong.

This era can also be used in campaigns as it has an easy-to-use format. Some units are not included in the eras because they are hero units and are meant to be used in single-player campaigns only.

This era also contains a selection of units from Nightmares of Meloen, which can be used in single-player campaigns.

This add-on is required as a dependency for the following add-ons:
Struggle for Freedom, Assault on the Citadel, Sepulchre of Elran, Blades of Steel, Cataclysm, Blackfire, Hero of Irdya I, Mercenary Band, Wandering Warriors, Legends of Idaamub, Saga of James, A Song of Fire, War of the Jewel, Aria of the Dragon-Slayer, A Song of the Winds, and Survivals (WoL)



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