Wandering Warriors








Following the creation of an Aragwaithi kingdom in the Northlands, some idiot who can't write good campaigns decided to have another stab at causing their audience to spontaneously combust in frustration, and so a group of soldiers serving the Northern Alliance uncovered the movements of traitorous armies amongst the frozen North.
	Feedback is welcome and necessary. This campaign is very new, and any help in balancing - especially on Hard - would be great.
	If you find the campaign inordinately hard, I recommend that you mostly recruit spearmen and a few archers. Intelligent spearmen become Flagbearers, because they need a lot of XP to get to level 4 leadership bonus, while the others (especially Strong and Resilient ones) become Pikemen. Meanwhile, your archers should become Slayers if strong (they get a good melee attack) or Greatbows if resilient (marksmanship, but fewer HP). Any swordsmen should become Guards, because they are pretty much your only units which can withstand a counterattack. Oh, and the magician heroine can recruit, which is nice because at level 3 she can teleport and move between the frontlines to heal and your keep to get reinforcements almost instantaneously.
	V 0.1: all 8 scenarios done and played through.
	(Intermediate difficulty; 8 scenarios)



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