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A Tale of Two Brothers only had 2 difficulties when I played it in 1.14. From looking at the code, it looked like the numbers for EASY and HARD all had midpoints between them that would make for a good NORMAL difficulty, so I went and created just such a difficulty. I also went and made some other changes, too: since the mainline tutorial suggests playing A Tale of Two Brothers directly after finishing the tutorial, I went and made the EASY difficulty here more tutorial-like, because as it stood, the mainline A Tale of Two Brothers never felt like as good of a followup to the tutorial as The South Guard or An Orcish Incursion did. Also, the Dark Adept Muff Toras has some new roles to play on all 3 difficulties. There are a few other new surprises to find as well, so be sure to try all 3 difficulties!

(Rookie level, 4 scenarios.)

While the maintainer now has an account on the forums, his preference is still that feedback should be directed to the add-on's source repository on GitHub:


The maintainer may also be contacted as egallager#0504 on Discord.


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