Trapped - Fight for Freedom






Heindal aka Mathias Lang


This a short, replayable RPG about a streetkid trapped in an underground arena for illegal bloodsport. It contains various rpg elements, different endings and different descriptions, skills, equipable weapons, armors, shields and abilities for each character. Also includes two fractions, a reputation and hiring system, infinite arenarounds, 5 additional, optional scenarios, extended missions for each fraction, more troops to hire and a rightclick helpmenu. Each difficulty reprents a unique character with different endings, different dialogues and abilities.

1.15 fixes concerning kilma and missing graphics, added forest dragon as a boss
1.14 fixes some issues, Bossbattles - each boss will now show the number of times he was defeated and becomes stronger after each defeat, deactivate npc movement, dim torch option
1.13 patch for BoW 1.16, improvements: wording boss arena fights, zombie ending, npc movement, guide and helpmenu options
1.12 fixed free movement for and teleport for Thief and Footpad, repaired extra income skill



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