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Right now this is an 8 Player Single Elimination Tournament Scenario called Joust Kingdom. You play a couple of 1vs1 Rounds trying to make it all the way to the final. Can you win it all?

This was made with playing vs the Standard 1.16 AI in mind.
In the future this will become a mappack with all different kinds of Tournament Maps. Probably 2-rounded 2vs2 Tournaments aswell.
I can recommend playing Ageless Era with this, for the ultimate mixup of matchups.

The general concept of gameplay is to be a fun semi-competitive experience of consecutive 1vs1 matches while managing your roster vs all different kind of opponents. When you win your Match and advance a Round, your leader and all living units that remained are fully healed and teleported to the next Arena.

Special Rules:
1.The Leaders can't move.
2.Leaders automatically level up to Rank 3 when reaching Round 2 of the Tournament.
3.Killing a unit gives the player who killed it 25% gold of the slain units cost.
4.Upon advancing one Round in the Tournament you earn 20 gold.

I am happy for any feedback or storys from your experience playing these Tournament style maps. I will check the forum thread frequently and you can find me over on the wesnoth discord.

Credits and alot of Thanks to:
lbrande - for creating The Duelist's Tournament map for 1.12. I took alot of parts from his code back from 2015
mattsc - for always giving great advice and pushing me in the right directions
octalot - for helping with setting up the gold 
Pentarctagon - for helping with unit recalls
knyght - for helping with all kinds of problems



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