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It is 515YW and you are Hamel, a young dwarven leader. Your tribe resides in the Knalga caverns near the Dwarven Doors and is constantly under threat of attack. Resources are also becoming scarce in your area, so you must guide your people on a quest for more minerals. With the new minerals you will be able to forge new weapons and armor to push back your enemies.
The campaign focuses on 'dwarvish dungeon crawling', and the developer intention is to make it playable for newbies on easy while also keeping it challenging for experienced players on hard. (Beginner level, 23 scenarios (nearly finished, but not quite))
Requires BfW 1.16 or greater. Requires 'The Hammer of Thursagan' to be installed (which is part of mainline now, so it should already be there unless you've deleted it or something).
Former working title: 'Dwarven Kingdom' (which is now the title of a separate campaign by Ashmyr/Myrian).



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