The Dark Master






Mejri Ziad ^Hermestrismi^


<b>After decades of seeking, finally a huge part of Argan's Journey has been found in parts of Elynia Diaries. Although many historians have suspected about the liability of the Journal, others insisted to publish it</b>
A huge re-work have been made in just one month (between April and May 2022).
For now, almost all scenarios not only playable (they were playable already since v 0.0.1) but also quasi balanced and roughly tested (on BfW 1.16.2 precisely) and only the three last sc. needs to be re-done for now.
I liked my own work really and I really hope to be accepted as part of the unofficial future-timeline to fill the gape of almost a millennia and to be a string attaching many legendary campaigns (if their creators accept that, including (but not only) Genesis, LotI, AtS, UtbS, IftU, Shadows of Deception and the two versions of The Dark Horde (the original uncompleted one and the completed one which I published on BfW 1.12).
If you liked this campaign with its Easter Eggs, surprises, random events and challenges, you can help improving it by:
- Bug and balance reports,
- Advises and suggestions,
- Images and animations and especially the story (like the new journey coordinator) and attack-animations (graphic artwork isn't my strength point),
- Ideas like traps and puzzles will be welcomed,
- Story liability checking and matching with previous mentioned campaigns (I did that many time but still ...).
Also, some other ideas might be added like a menu-items for music playlist or a pickup items after-death of some units (some existing items already needs to be re-worked)
- Revising the AMLA's sytem of heroes and special units, ...
and I m open to other idea
Version 0.5.4
36 scenarios- playable. But many work to be done



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