The Altaz Mariners




Campaign (Multiplayer)


Bob_The_Mighty & jb


A non-linear two-player campaign following the swashbuckling adventures of two brothers on the open sea. Players can navigate their own path through the story - trading goods, boarding ships, solving puzzles and completing subquests. Combat ranges from RPG-style fights and squad skirmishes to full-scale battles. It can either be played as a multiplayer or a single player campaign.
35 islands to investigate, conquer and loot - many consisting of several mini scenarios or alternate endings
34 inventory items to find and use to solve puzzles and unlock subquests
30 subquests to complete - all of which are recorded in your ship's log along with clues and reminders
27 random encounters to discover as you sail the seas - including ghost ships, boarding parties and rare easter eggs
12 custom portraits made by Bear/bera especially for this campaign
10 special attacks for your leaders which improve the more you use them
9 figureheads to collect which offer a range of upgrades for your recruits
8 cutscenes with unique story art and audio narration courtesy of jb
8 followers with distinctive dialogue which can be recalled for free
8 trainers which allow your leaders and followers to acquire extra abilities
6 ship types for naval battles, from longboats and frigates to galleons with incendiary mortars
2 brothers seeking revenge for a ruthless family betrayal
1 long year spent on the prison island of Altaz



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