Warfare of far lands








An era that contains 2 entirely new factions, filled with new units and abilities, and with new ones to come. This add-on also contains a few custom sprites that were animated by yours truly.

The current factions contains :
The ruald kingdome : A human faction filled with lawful soldiers, similar in some aspects to loyalist but with numerous twists. Play with cheap militia and more costly soldiers.
The dark cult : A faction of undeads, humans and monsters, all serving darker gods. Cultists are strong and fairly fast, creatures are fairly tanky, and undeads are agile and spread the plague.

This era is fairly balanced, but could use your help to balance out things and find bugs, so feel free to contact me on the Wesnoth forums.

Credit crew :
Archaic era for some sprites, that I later edited and animated, as well as some projectiles.
Era of magic, mostly for projectiles sprites
Mechanical art thread on the forum for a few units

Sounds from various UMC contents, as well as mainline Wesnoth.
If anyone still need to be credited, feel free to send me a message.

Current update changes :
Rebalance of some units stats.
-Ruald mage HP reduced to 28 instead of 30.
-Patrolman damage reduced by 1 point, and price increased to 15g instead of 14g.
-Brawl mage resistance to fire and cold increased to 10% fire and 20% cold.
-Mistral mage resistance to fire and cold increased to 20% fire and 30% cold. Removed the heal +4 ability.
-Regular's impact weakness reduced to -10% instead of -20.
-Ruald infantry sword attack changed to 7x3 instead of 6x3, and removed the pierce attack. Also increased hp up to 40, effectively keeping a role of frontline unit.
-Magic knight melee attack changed to 9x3 instead of 7x4, and nerfed ice bomb damage to 9x2.
-Ruald crossbow parry reduced by -5% on the ranged attack, to fix the unconsistency with higher promotions. HP reduced to 36.
-Wall guard health increased to 50hp instead of 46hp.
-Ruald Lady flash attack damage heavily nerfed, to 7x2 instead of 10x2.
-Ruald Sage gain the heal +4 ability.
-Ruald scout hasn't been touched, but could get nerfed in the future.

Huge thanks once again to IPS for the feedbacks and balance suggestions.



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