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Warning: The official 'Sceptre of Fire' campaign is part of mainline .

This is an attempt to recover the translations of 'Sceptre of Fire' campaign before overhaul. This is brought to you with no warranty.

Current available translations: French (fr), Catalan (ca), Portuguese (pt), Japanese (ja), Polish (pl), Taiwan Chinese (zh_TW), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Russian (ru), Spanish (es).

If you want to have this campaign in Slovak, Hungarian, Galician, Serbian, Vietnamese, Estonian, Indonesian
then check out the feedback thread given below to ask what you can do to help.

The goal of this add-on is to make this campaign available to play in fully translated version.
This is done by using outdated scenarios, so there may be playability and balance issues and shortcomings in the plot.

Please do not report any:
-   misleading objectives (the objectives are based on available translated strings)
-   hole in the plot (a plot update would break translation)
-   missing dialogs (only translated strings are used)

Please do not report any problem with this add-on in the official feedback thread for 'Sceptre of Fire' campaign.


ru, es, zh_TW, pt_BR, fr, pt, ca, ja, pl, vi, sr, sk, id, hu, gl, et

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