Red Winter Reborn








501 – Years Wesnoth – Season of Winter
The Turmoil of Asheviere…

The isolated populace of the Estmark Mountains are known for their warrior prowess and for their military academy at Estlyn. Asheviere, desiring to use these warriors to strengthen her hold on the throne, sent emissaries in an attempt to gain their aid. The proud people of the Estmarks declined to join Asheviere, and the Dark Queen would soon respond with an answer of her own...

Play as these proud Humans from the Estmarks, resist against Queen Asheviere, and discover the legacy of the Esterian people. All the while, as mortal forces clash in combat, an unseen force seeks release from her prison...

-- A Planned 7 Scenario Loyalist campaign, with story interludes. (2 Scenarios Ready)
-- Emphasis on Story and Characters, with custom traits to make the characters more unique!
-- Custom music from the UMC Music Books.
-- A focus on higher level units. All of the player's units are level 2 or higher!
-- Limited forces. You cannot recruit new units for this campaign, only recall!
-- 3 Planned Massive Battle Engagements (Scenario One, Four, and Seven)

Note: This addon includes some UMC music, which is included in this campaign. This is why the file size is relatively large.

Version 0.16.1
- Public Release, Two Scenarios Ready



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