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Nenau, and lots of artwork from the Orbivm project


Warning: The official 'Pax Romana: The Rise of Vespasian' add-on is not available for BFW-1.16. This add-on was not uploaded by its author.

Pax Romana: The Rise of Vespasian

Follow a young Roman plebeian named Vespasian in his rise to the rank of Emperor of Rome. This campaign contains 18 scenarios. Many atwork comes from the Imperial Era (mainly Turin's sprites). I'd like to thank UnwiseOwl for allowing me to use them. The language of the texts is not of high quality since I've always been English-challenged.

Only the 'easy' difficulty level is available for selection.

NB: to play this campaign, you have to load the core 'Bienvenue' available after the dependency add-on is installed. You'll be ready to select the 'Pax Romana' scenario through the 'Campaign' menu.

The needed 'core' can be loaded following these steps:
-   Start wesnoth and go to -> 'Preferences' -> 'Hotkeys' 
-   In 'Search' box, enter 'core'
-   Press 'Add Hotkey' then press CTRL+SHIFT+k, and close dialog.

-   In main 'Title Screen', press CTRL+SHIFT+k to open 'core' selection dialog.
-   Select item 'Bienvenue (Wesnoth 1.14 core)'.

The next time you start Battle for Wesnoth, it will start with the last active core.
To go back to 1.16: you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+k and select the 'Wesnoth (Default)' core.

Please do not report any problem with this add-on in the official feedback thread for 'Pax Romana: The Rise of Vespasian'.



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