Ogre Crusaders




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ForestDragon, Mechanical


Ogre Crusaders is a hybrid campaign, playable either alone or with 2 players. An exciting crusading adventure (7 scenarios) awaits you. Each scenario will be very different from the previous one and will set different goals for you, which can only be achieved with skilled teamwork. Demonstrate ogrish determination and cunning to defeat the enemy army, go deep into their lands, capture a large city and destroy their holy sites!


2.0.2 Release
-Barkuk's portrait is now shown on the right side of the screen instead of on the left, and flipped (to make him stand out from Shrogg a little more)

2.0.1 Release
-fixed serious bug if you had the old version of the campaign installed

2.0.0 Release
-renamed the campaign from 'Northern Crusade of Shrogg Stoneface' to 'Ogre Crusaders'
-added tutorial scenario
-added 2 more scenarios besides the tutorial
-heavily changed most scenarios
-expanded the lore (story/dialog)
-all scenarios now have a pre-battle map similar to mainline campaigns

1.0.1 Release
-enemies in the first scenario now have less gold/income and can't recruit jousters on easy/normal difficulties

1.0.0 Release
the initial release



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