Lonely Era






Atreides. Based on work by Shield, Desert_Shyde, Brilliand, Stern, Cloud, Grigistian, mikoc5, Stopsignal, The_Gnat, Minnakht.


The Lonely Era is a new collection of six selected superior solitary sides with interesting and unusual abilities, traits and attributes.

It has been extensively revised and rebalanced over the last few years from the original era and the constituent factions.

Included are:

1) Santa's Helpers are his Elves as well as animated pine trees. They are an updated faction based on the Merry Christmas Campaign. Beware of Elves bearing gifts though, the presents are very distracting. They are unique in not having standard levels, they each can gain up to 4 special abilities via AMLA but always remain at level 1. Of course there are also Flying Reindeer and Christmas Seals.

2) Gremlins are an all teleporting race of elusive ethereal creatures. Individually fragile they work together using their tremendous mobility to swarm and overwhelm their enemies. Their mages are perhaps the ultimate glass cannons but if you can somehow keep one alive long enough it might even get to level 5 and become immortal.

3) Vaeringjar are a Viking faction allied with Wolfkin. The vikings eschew ranged weapons as well as sissy ideas like dodging blows but are a very, very hardy lot. They also have a unique herbalist unit that can inspire berserker rage in adjacent vikings for a turn. The wolfkin are lithe and armed with bows and teeth on the other hand. They are also very agile in contrast to the vikings. As nocturnal hunters they are devastating at night and almost helpless in the day.

4) Avians are cold loving, water hating bipedal birds. Their hollow bones and feathers make them vulnerable to fire and blunt weapons. They are unique in having cheap level 0 healers. Unusually their leaders are not drawn from the ranks but form a separate class only selectable as leaders. Tamed Albatrosses to patrol the awful waters.

5) The Deep Ones - Slimy, slippery, blasphemous fish-frogs of the nameless design - living and horrible - have now been sighted on the edge of Wesnoth. Mutants who slowly evolve from human to monster these creatures are nothing to be trifled with! An all water faction they are quite capable of holding their own against the landlubbers.

6) Jephrifs live far up in the sky, miles above land. Away from even the most basic things most other races take for granted, such as solid ground, their society developed to be quite alien indeed. In recent times, jephrifs began descending from the skies to participate in combat against other races - apparently for their own amusement, seeing life as a game.

These are challenging factions to master. Each has odd strengths and weaknesses that require some thought to get the best out of.

It can be combined with the Everfell Era, Age of Trials or Dov's Maps 'n Mods if both are installed.



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