Leader Magic Mod




Multiplayer Modification


Xara,Wesnoth Modders Guild,ForestDragon


Allows the leader of each player side to use a wide variety of spells, with a simple mana system that controls the cooldown. Usable both in MP and singleplayer campaigns

Ported to 1.16 by ForestDragon as part of the Wesnoth Modders Guild project.
link to our discord server: https://discord.gg/K9N56hqGTm

Changes from the original 1.14 version:

-fixed the annoying 'xmm_reborn' unstore bug filling up the chat whenever any unit dies with this mod enabled

v1.1.6 (update made by ForestDragon)
-new summon spells: summon swamp lizard, summon sea serpent, summon death knight
-new curse spell: curse of hydra (blessing of hydra but reversed)
-buffed Book of Necromancy - now it turns the unit into an undead 1 level higher than the taker (lvl0 becomes skeleton, lvl1 becomes revenant, lvl2 becomes lich, lvl3 and above becomes Ancient Lich), as previously it wasn't worth the 20 mana cost

v1.1.5c (update made by ForestDragon)
-fixed damage spells not triggering death events

v1.1.5 (update made by ForestDragon)
-ported to 1.16
-new crafting spell: Explosive Rune: creates a rune that deals fire damage to the first enemy that steps on it. scales with caster level
-new crafting spell: Healing Rune: creates a rune that heals the first enemy that steps on it. scales with caster level
-new crafting spell: Holy Water: creates a bottle of holy water which gives arcane on melee attacks until the end of the scenario
-new utility spell: Instant Fortress: creates a castle with a keep around the caster
-new curse spell: Curse of the Serpent: each turn, all living enemies have a 15% chance to be poisoned
-new curse spell: Curse of Yechnagoth: Enemy units currently in your vision gain -1 MP,-1 damage, and -6 HP till the end of this scenario (basically Blessing of Eloh but reversed)
-added mod options to Leader Magic Mod:
 -players can choose starting mana, ranging from 0 to 20
-Book of Necromancy now turns lvl4 and above units into Ancient Liches, and lvl2 units into Revenants
-Bless of spells have been renamed to Blessing of
-Bless to the Selected Ones has been renamed to Blessing to the Chosen Ones
-added animations to fire beam and ice beam
-improved lightning bolt's animation, now it is properly positioned
-fixed ice beam/fire beam not using cold/fire damage
-fixed random summon using outdated unit ids
-fixed damaging spells being able to target petrified units



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