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Once the world was bright, on the endless ascent of learning and knowledge. We threw off the old ways of magic and sorcery and gave ourselves over to science and technology, throwing back the dark and stealing the power of the everlasting dragons for humanity. The bloodied peace at dawn heralded in a new age of Pax Wesnoth. But our hubris was our undoing. We thought we could improve the human form, to imbue ourselves with the might of the Everlasting Dragon by gene editing and viral vectors , to serve as demigods in our ascendance beyond mortality. But we were wrong. The clouds of viral particles which were to be our salvation only revealed the true darkness latent in the human form. Overnight, what we knew was cast down, and those who survive struggle endlessly over that which remains. But our foes number among the living and the dead.

Infection Era contains 6 new custom multiplayer factions, with each faction including 6 full unit trees and combat animations. Future updates will further improve art, unit balance, and potentially include additional units.

v0.8.0e includes fixes issues with displaying sprites on linux machines



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