Forgotten Legends






Forgotten Crew


This add-on is a multiplayer era set in hot tropical climates, featuring 5 completely new factions:
- Pirates - hardened adventurers, sailors and enchanters. Having fared from across the sea, all they seek is booze, murder and rest.
- Tribal Men - shamanistic people, unmatched hunters and restless fighters, everyone finds a role in the caste society. Being fond of deadly poisons and cursed rituals, it's better to let their secrets stay hidden from curious eye.
- Amazons - unfrightened warriors, inhabitating tropical wilderness. Living in harmony with nature, every treeline marks the border of their kingdom and all intruders will be met with death.
- Blood Elves - driven by bloodlust and fury, their army consists of the most deadly fighters in the archipelago. Dwelling inside volcanic caves, they can be applauded for crafting the finest blades and armor know to the men, admired for magical proficiency, but absolutely condemned for their beastiality on the battlefield.
- Altaris - blood elves' archenemies, a society constructed on honour, tradition and courage. Their elders know all the nuances of arcane secrets, and their swordsmen bend reality with their unreal moves.



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