Five Fates






Heindal aka Mathias Lang


Five unique heroes try to recover a mysterious artifact. On their way they have to defeat five guardians with great powers. Each hero has an unique amla path allowing you to develop 20 unique skills and spells. On the way you can find random loot and make decisions that influence the dungeons. After your quest you can optionally continue your journey in the world of wesnoth and maximising your character.

You can buy or find a variety of Weapons, Shields, Helmets, Armors, Rings, Shoes and Amulets. Those can be equipped in the rightclick Heromenu, that allows you to equip and unequip items, review your Skilltree and have access on consumables such as healing herbs, potions, unidentified flasks and portalscrolls.

Beside the recruiting of units you can hire mercenaries. Those are expensive, but offer to summon unique and loyal units. Each character can develop up to four different right click spells allowing you to summon units, damaging, slowing or poisoning your enemies, or to teleport yourself. 

Different traps and will endanger you, while secret passages allow you to take an alternative way or to discover a variety of secrets. Enemies will now cast spells. Cheat Mode, Tutorial and Skip Story Buttons are available. 

0.23 'Shadows over Elensefar': This update contains a lot of wording changes. Typos and some words almost everywhere have been corrected - there is still alot to be done. Thanks to the helpers in the Wesnoth Forum. Why calling this update 'Shadows over Elensefar'? Yes Elensefar in the Worldmap is in Danger, the orcs are up for something! Right! I created 7 Random missions that can be done for the cityguards of different cities in the Worldmap. Deliver Parcels, Scout Areas, Destroy Orcish Outposts/Watchtowers, Take out random generated Banditcamps and Monsternests and finally destroy the secret superweapon of the orcs! You can now buy 'true' teleport scrolls and use them from your menu. Dwarven Bombs have to be used from the Consumables Menu as well.
0.231 Bugfix repairing a pick and lockpick bug, portalscroll will now work as intended and allows you to teleport back, from where you came. Teleport Scroll light price reduce.
0.24 Added a variety of spells. Each character will now be able to cast at least 6 spells and can transform into one being of great power. Bugs Missions solved, changing maps for encounters, monsternests and banditcamps. Added more items and equipment. Bosses spawn a randomloot when defeated. Details see forum.
0.241 Avoidgiving Objects repaired, Werhare spell added to spellshop as well as repairing graphics and little phonetic-notmothertongue-related mistakes. Randomencounters now work on every terrain.
0.242 Small Bugfix: Repaired Maps within the Banditcamp and Monsternest
0.99 A big jump, but the story and development of Five Fates will finally come to an end: bugfixes,enemy spellcasting,randomgenerated dungeons in 6 different side mission, new powerful enemies, negative stats, new items with the opportunity to use items on allies, two additional endings (bossfight and worldconquer), new equipment with specials and abilites, improved worldmap and encounters
1.00 Bugfixes: enchanted spell concept that will now work with animations and fires last breath events, repaired picturepathes - dwarvish machine, Path to Trader replaced (required Trader to be installed), bandage repaired, enemy will just attack your side with spells
1.01 Bugfixes and Performance Upgrade: Repaired Skillpath of Bowmaid, Repaired Pictures, Reduced Save File Size
1.02 Bugfixes: Portal Animation added, fixed scavenger bug which blocked the airship entrance, world conquer image and text changes, manaconsumption of arrowrain and other massiveeffectspells fixed
1.03 Bugfixes: Randomdungeon macro upgraded, Harmspell1 Spells have been repaired, Added Ford to the Worldmap.
1.04 Bugfix: repaired Detect Hidden spell in the hope of getting rid of save game corruptions, thanks to herlaziness
1.05 Ported to 12.0, small changes to make it work, there might be issues with graphics
1.06 Ported to 14.1, added tutorial and hints, smaller text corrections repaired graphics
1.07 Ported to 14.1, smaller grammar and wording changes, improved portrait graphics and decisions
1.08 various bugfixes, added smaller skilltree option for smaller devices, repaired random dungeons
1.09 port to 1.16, smaller text changes.
1.10 'Dark Ones': various changes and improvements, optimized worldmap and worldconquer scenario
1.11 fixes problems with saved games
1.12 fixed and improved Bossloot



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