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King Mardon of Garhme has recieved news: an old outpost on the frontier of Dwarvish civilization has fallen, with the cause only assumed to be trolls. Join his general and advisor in an expedition to free the outpost and investigate the inner ancient tunnels of Garhme.

DISCLAIMER: This campaign will be a lot more text-heavy than you are used to. While the text can be long, I try to compensate for it by reacting to choices players made, expanding the world around Garhme and the setting in general, the thoughts of the main character, and themes of nuance, prejudice and moral ambiguity. I hope to also compensate for it with fun, unique scenarios.

[Portraits from The Sceptre of Fire, Northern Rebirth, The Earth's Gut, and Invasion from the Unknown. The Alchemist line is from TEG, I believe the flamethrower line is from Extended Era, the Dwarvish Spearman sprite is from Obscured Folklore Era, and the Dwarvish Mage sprite is from Into the Underworld.]

(Intermediate level, 5 scenarios finished, ~13 planned - 3 or 4 should be dialogue only.)
Special thanks to:
- Egallager and Knyghtmare, who helped me out with code and general advice
- Jeremias and Mirion for their various suggestions and helping me out along the way
- TheMythcaller, who helped me out a lot with dialogue
- GreenScarab, who helped me out with the maps and gave me unique portraits for Dulotmos and Arolmar
(I am in the Wesnoth discord server - contact me there or on the forums.)



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