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Allows dead units to drop onto the ground and rot for a while, before they vanish.  
The effect is purely visual and does not do anything gameplay related.
This add-on includes custom textures for units from the Default Era and uses scripts to generate dead bodies for any non-Default units. 
Additionally, blood will spill upon a unit's death, as long as the attack would cause wounds (i.e. no blood from cold) and fire will instead cause the unit to trun into ash. 
This add-on also gives the host the ability to customise variables such as the time for a corpse to vanish, if ever, or to disable blood effects.
In addition to that, the host is able to turn on an option to make decayed corpses to be bury in a grave, so that the player can inspect them.
Please install Corpse Mod Blood-In-Water to make blood in water work, however use it at your own risk.

Latest change: Added dirt between corpses



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