Counter Strike




Scenario (Multiplayer)




4 vs 4. Terrorists must place a bomb in one of two locations inside a mine. Counter-terror units must stop the terrorists. Find your way through the mine shafts, take ladders to upper and lower levels, the enemies may appear anywhere...

2022-01-30 v1.3.1
- Bug fix: Bomb timer mode selection had no effect, would always be default bomb timer, and show an error message on planting of bomb.

2020-09-26 v1.3
- At the start of the game, player 1 can select game mode:
-- Bomb timer starts after bomb is planted
-- Bomb timer active from the start, so there is always the same fixed number of turns

2020-09-25 v1.2
- Complete overhaul of ladder mechanism, now you go all the way through the ladder, while still not being able to see through to the next level.
- Changed tunnel system so that bombspot B is more accessible for CT.
- Changed tunnels towards ladders so you cannot attack someone that is halfway on the ladder, while you are still inside a tunnel.
- Improved explosion 
- Ladders are now called Ladders

2020-09-13 v1.1
- Change movement cost of mountains and hills also to 1 for all units
- Added trapdoor for bombspot B
- Changed space between two ladder ends into unwalkable terrain, and made movement cost for that 5.
This way, when one end of a ladder is blocked, you can still move up to the enemy and attack. 
This is the slow route, and normally you would still use the original mechanics of the ladders.
- Changed defence value for all units on unwalkable to 0%. So everyone is vulnerable on ladders.



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