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Conquest (Original gameplay) is updated often including any fixes on par with similar mods (see game thread). Conquest (Original gameplay) attempts to reconstruct the original Conquest multiplater mod exactly as it was played in around 2009. It does not contain non-balanced experiments such as random spawn, entrench etc. but preserves the exact original game from that period. Conquest is based on RISK where you must capture all villas in a 'region' or 'country' for bonus gold income, You can use also ships to transport units and expand across territory. This pack includes the original Conquest maps such as 'Conquest Wesnoth' and a few maps developed for the original version back around 2010. You do not need to download the pack to join a game in the multiplayer lobby. Read the Scenario Objectives for full instructions. Use the Forum to pass on comments in the Conquest (Original Gameplay) thread or PM Gwledig



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