Scenario (Multiplayer)


Frezycus, Norbert, Shiki


Several gladiators fight together and try to defeat all enemies in an arena, in order to be freed from captivity.

 About feeding:
1HP ≙ 1 gold. Feeding +1 costs 25g, +2 45g and +3 65g. With it you can get 6-28 additional HP before the final wave starts, while being disadvantaged until the second last wave.
But if you bought too less damage or strikes and thus an additional round is needed to finish the wave, you lose ~15g, and the loss for the whole team is 50-80g! Better buy something else!

 About healing:
As one goes different paths to fight, it is not useful. The last wave is an exception, as one has no time pressure to finish it. Buying healing in the last wave pays off as soon as you heal an ally twice.

 About Colosseum:
The code in this add-on is structured in a way that one can easily create other Colosseum style scenarios with it. Have a look at the files.



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