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The American Civil War has long been an interest of our team and we have often fanaticized over someday finding or building a mod for The Battle For Wesnoth. That day has come. Importantly this mod is built to make the Civil War a lifelike experience for players, bringing to light many characters, units, plans, strategy, and motives home to the Wesnoth community. Our players can expect to find realistic units, weapons, classes, and abilities. Players can (and should) further enhance their experience through unit descriptions and additional content. All of our abilities and playstyles are designed to highlight period tactics and practices, with some influence from previous mods. The art is 100% original. We have used as many historic sources as possible, including actual portraits of participants in the war, and music that was popular in this transformative and confrontational period. As it is currently designed, it favors a PvP or multiplayer playstyle.

This Mod Features
	-A distinct playstyle to represent formations artillery, and other related battle practices.
	-A shift away from the common RPG function, using AMLA's to help put emphasis on the strategy element of the game.
	-Unique leadership abilities to help represent famous units or people.
	-As-accurate-as-possible content and enjoyable historic unit descriptions.
	-Original artwork.
	-Advanced multiplayer gameplay
What to look forward to as this mod continues to be developed
	-Highly involved campaigns and custom maps
	-Additional terrain features
	-Multi-hex shooting artillery
	-Mounting and dismounting cavalry
	-Intense naval engagements
We hope that this mod will help you all love Wesnoth more, and satisfy players who have been looking for a Civil War based game. It has been a lot of fun to build and we hope to be able to develop it to be as accurate and fun as possible.



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