Citadel of Drand




Campaign (Multiplayer)


Tahsin Jahin Khalid (Lord-Knightmare)


This is a Player-versus-Player Multiplayer Campaign with the Siege/Assault gameplay mode. Play as either the Attacker or Defender. Attacking Team(s) have to take out the Defending Team(s) objective while the Defending Team(s) have to resist or try for the Attacking Team(s) objective. Available in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 Modes. After the end of the first scenario, a second scenario begins on the same map, but the roles are reversed. That is, attacking team(s) are now defending team(s) and vice versa.
(2 Scenarios)
Supports any Era used.

There are three levels of difficulty which determine attacker/defender strengths as well duration of the rounds. That is, Novice rounds are brief and Nightmare rounds are longer.

Village gold is set to zero for both attackers and defenders. Instead a fixed income is given which varies with difficulty level. Capturing villages only suppresses upkeep and does not allow income to exceed the fixed defined value. To earn addition gold, you have to kill units of the opposing team. AI-controlled units are not considered for this.

Both teams can check the faction of AI waves by a right-click menu option.

The second scenario allows recalling of units of the first one, but recall lists have been adjusted for the sake of balancing.

To deliver Feedback/bug reports:
1. Post on the Wesnoth Modders Guild Discord server
2. Post on this add-on's forum thread.
3. use the #modding channel of the official Battle for Wesnoth discord server.



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