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Fight for supremacy on the continent of Amberan ! Take control of a late middle-age/renaissance army (for the moment, most are european style, but more exotic factions will come in the future)
*Update : added Rovahrian wood elves*
*0.3.1 hotfix age of heroes leader and recruitement*
The factions consist of :
- Farengarian kingdoms - Nobles leading mighty knights, wizards and well rounded infantry (mostly lawful)
- Finn's Empire - Very profesional and disciplined army who destroy their ennemies with the power of steel and gunpowder (lawful)
- Mauve Islands Federation - Union of the brave clans warriors (lawful) and the powerful wizards of the cities (neutral)
- Norse Jarldoms - An army consisting of competant but expensive soldiers (neutral) and cheap raiders units (chaotic)
- Kingdoms of Rovahr - lead holy warriors and their men at arms to victory on their cusade against evil (lawful)
- Galianos Imperium - Defend the empire with their well rounded cavalry, infantry and specialists (lawful and neutral)
- Farengarian dwarve's Counties - Dwarves living alongside the mens of farengar. Use their solid infantry and artillery to achieve victory (mostly neutral)
- Dwarven Kingdoms of Morkenost and Darfenlend - Alliance of the dwarves of Morkenost, the militarist kigndom keeping the dwarven realms, and the dwarves of Darfenlend, snow-dwelling griffin riders and sorcerers (neutral)
- Mountain Goblins - An unending horde of litle green raiders from the mountains swarming their ennemies (chaotic)
- Rovahrian Elves - Elves from the grand forest of Rovahr. A mobile force taking advantage of the forest (neutral)
Plus some default factions (used as placeholders for future factions) : dunefolk and undeads

Future factions will be added and replace default factions (work in progress)


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