Aria of the Dragonslayer







Part VII: Awakening from Legend - In ancient times, the fate of Irdya was changed in a great war against the dragons; and, in that war, the heroines Maat and Myra of Hiera'Shirsha stopped the Sky Dragon Svarballi and, unable to destroy him, locked him in a mighty prison. Now, five millennia after that war, as humans rule Irdya and two suns shine in the sky, the one with the power to finally slay the Sky Dragon may have been born as a peasant girl in the outskirts of civilization... Follow Tenma Yozora through the last days of Irdya's Golden Age and through the path to becoming the prophesied Dragon-Slayer...

(Part III of the Dragon Trilogy, SP Campaign with 51 scenarios, including 3 dialogue-only.)

Requires War of Legends add-on

Note: the port does not include the ASoF Music add-on yet. Play without it for now.

Note 2: The port is working, but is buggy so feedback is appreciated.

Please send Feedback to the Wesnoth Modders Guild Discord server's #content-feedback channel directly. Will be missed/not read otherwise.

This has been ported by the Wesnoth Modders Guild because we care.



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