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Allows players to make/break alliances with eachother, as well as other features useful for diplomacy, like transfering gold/villages/units. Mostly intended to be used in multiplayer with free-for-all (everyone against everyone) maps. The mod's menus can be accessed via rightclick options on leaders (to become allies, select an enemy leader, and choose the 'Send alliance request to this side' option, while if you want to betray your team or leave your alliance, select your leaver, and open the alliances mod menu. There's also a togglable option to send/request gold to/from other players.

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-translated the mod into Russian

-the mod now comes with 'crisis succession' version of crusader fields, hexcake and mokana praerie maps. unlike when playing with alliances mod on normal scenarios, here you don't immediately win if you ally with everyone, instead you have to be the only one remaining to win, and therefore will need to backstab your allies a lot
-added option to transfer your units to another side

-you can now privately send/demand gold to/from enemies (useful if you want to bribe/ransom)
-private messages are now sent in [chat] instead of [message] (as otherwise you could easily lose the message by clicking on it, and observers could see it)
-fixed team name not being properly shown when joining a team after betraying your own

-removed team chat, as mainline already has that
-send gold/village transfer options are now enabled by default
-it is no longer possible to send private messages to sides you can't see through fog
-fixed some messages showing for the wrong sides
-ported to 1.15/1.16

another attempted alliance request fix

updated some outdated code

hopefully fixed the alliance accept/decline option showing up for the player who sends the request.

attempted to fix (and failed) the alliance accept/decline option showing up for the player who sends the request.

1.1.0 Release
-added team chat and private messages
-added an 'are you sure?' question to the betrayal option. 
-When moving onto an ally's village, the moving unit's owner has the choice of either capturing the village, or just putting a unit there for healing. 
-added option to transfer village ownership to allies.

1.0.2 Release
fixed a critical bug, but at the expense of introducing a new one

1.0.1 Release
fixed the alliance menu revealing invisible leaders

1.0.0 Release
the initial release



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