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ARRPGA is an add-on with two modes of gameplay.
The first gameplay mode is a single RPG scenario, known as (AI DM), which pits a party of heroes controlled by 1 to 4 human players against an AI-controlled Dungeon Master who plays enemy units and NPCs. This mode of gameplay features premade quests, random battles, random events, skills, an alignment system, among other features. 
In the second mode of gameplay, known as (Human DM), a human player takes on the role of the Dungeon Master (DM) creating the adventure and challenges for the party of heroes, who are controlled by up to 4 human players. The Dungeon Master counts with a variety of tools at their disposal which allows them to narrate the story, manipulate units, the party inventory, the scenario map, among others. Premade Adventure Human DM mode is a combination of both modes, allowing for a more casual experience of the Dungeon Master role.
It is possible to play custom maps using the Human DM mode. The instructions to do so come included within the add-on files.
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