A Sanguine Tale





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In the chaos after Wesnoth fell, scattered refugees fought for resources and preyed upon one another.  The last of the Green Magi, Ani Essu, led an exodus of a dozen races to a fertile ground, the Northern Highlands.  Betrayed and murdered by those she saved, her work collapses as the refugees war with one another once again.  Two generations later, the heir to Ani's legacy, Princess Anea, is prophesied to complete the legacy or destroy it.  Is she a hero or a villain?  Only you can decide. 

Ani's Legacy - The main campaign, a non-linear campaign with eighteen different endings reachable by different user choices.  A playthrough can be from seven to twenty-six scenarios, and there are a total of 144 reachable scenarios.  After beating the campaign the first time, starting the campaign again will show you a map of the story arcs as hints about how to reach other endings.

Ani's Quest - The prequel campaign.  Despite their flaws, Ani and her band of anti-heroes lead Wesnoth refugees to the Northern Highlands.  This campaign is meant to be played after Ani's Legacy, to avoid spoilers at the end.  This is a mostly-linear campaign with an 18 scenario playthrough, and has a total of 22 reachable scenarios.

Xenoi - a multiplayer faction, which shows up as an enemy or ally in Ani's Legacy depending on user choices.  They are also briefly seen in Ani's Quest.

Both campaigns are complete and playable.

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