The Great Steppe Era






ForestDragon, Mechanical


The Great Steppe is a balanced era with good graphics and unique gameplay, set in the far-eastern lands of Irdia. Burned villages, captured prisoners, slave trade, betrayal - the era will demonstrate the brutal steppe wars in all their glory.

At the moment there are 6 factions available: the Bull Tumen, the Serpent Kaganate, the Dead Field Coven, the Northern Knyaz Triumvirate, the Ogre Kingdom (temporarily disabled until they are reworked) and the Tartarus Mandate

Features of the era:

- Unique art drawn by Mechanical. No default sprites or franken-sprites from other eras!
- Faction Balance: we worked hard on the era's balance, and now it can offer you a balanced, unique and exciting pvp experience
- Sophisticated faction lore: all units and races have descriptions that reveal the world of the Great Steppe. (However, not everything has been translated from Russian into English yet)
- Unique playstyle for each faction. The factions in Great Steppe have a very specific playstyle that you wouldn't see in other eras.
- Many cool abilities you won't find elsewhere. You can burn villages, enslave enemies, birth kanavars, and build buildings
- Custom AI

The era is actively being developed, we frequently release updates, add content and improve existing content, fix bugs and pay attention to feedback

Write your feedback on the forum thread so we can make it better!


1.3.1d Release:
-fixed some weird interactions between enslave, capture, disloyal and enslaver of souls abilities
 -whenever you enslave/convert a caged unit the unit becomes free from the cage
 -whenever a caged and/or enslaved unit is resurrected as a shade by Primal God, the shade will no longer be caged/enslaved
 -whenever a caged disloyal unit desert to an enemy side, he will be freed from the cage
-replaced some deprecated lua code

1.3.1b Release:
Crossover Changes:
-EoMa's Matriarch of Emptiness can now disable GSE healing abilities
Tartarus Mandate changes:
-shadow dash and tunneler abilities can no longer teleport through void (border on maps like steppe afterlife)

1.3.1 Release:
General Changes:
-hopefully fixed a bug that caused the era to show up three times in the unit database
Dead Field Coven changes:
-barrow warden now requires 68 exp to advance to instead of 80
-barrow tsar now has 1 more max hp
-fixed amlas reducing the level of souls spawned by Primal God
-changed Primal Patriarch's darkness beam sound
-fixed queen of wolves ability having an outdated description
Tartarus Mandate changes:
-added custom AMLA to Kobold Bombardier, and reduced his max exp from 150 to 100
-added custom AMLA to Kobold Arrowstorm, and reduced his max exp from 150 to 100
-added custom AMLA to Kobold Fire Lancer, and reduced his max exp from 100 to 65
-add lvl3 units now have an AMLA that gives nocturnal regeneration (might give more proper AMLAs to them later)
-buffed kobold fire lancer's fire resistance from -20% to -10%, but nerfed cold resistance from 0% to -10% (so it's more constitent with lvl1)
-kobolds and manguses can now get the healthy trait
-changed vixen huntress' claws icon (now it's metal claws instead of normal claws)

1.3.0 Release:
Massive Change:
- new faction: Tartarus Mandate
- The Tartarus Mandate is an eastern faction of terrifying beasts and monsters, who have risen from the mysterious Tartarus Abyss. Playing as this faction, you will command a motley army of sturdy and heavy-hitting soldiers, which although lack in speed and mobility. Organize smart logistics for the chthonic forces of the underworld to ensure that the creatures of the surface are prostrated before the greatness of your empire!
Map changes:
-improved the steppe Fortress Survival, with edited waves and improved map
Serpent Khaganate changes
-fixed Khagan's double attack AMLA removing enslave ability
Dead Field Coven changes:
-added new portrait to Demon (contributed by Kordov)
-improved sprites of Chernava/Rodimitsa
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-improved sprite of Watchman
-fixed AI longrange attacks being able to hit adjacent enemies
Ogre Kingdom Changes:
-faction is temporarily removed from faction selection, since we are starting to rework it (it will be re-added afterwards). Northern Crusade of Shrogg Stoneface might not work properly until it is updated

1.2.4 Release:
Dead Field Coven changes:
-primal god's ability no longer turns lvl0 units into lvl-1 ones (they stay at lvl0), as otherwise it could be abused to reduce enemy exp
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-added new portrait to Pagan (contributed by Kordov)
-outposts no longer rotate when attacking
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-jouster's ability no longer gives bravado, only inspire
Ogre Kingdom Changes:
-soul flame no longer affects mechanical units
-fixed penetrate armor not working when a halfogre outlaw is advanced to lvl2 mercenary
-fixed some outdated lua

1.2.3c Release:
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-added a new AMLA to ravenblade champion (to give a bit more power to the raven form)
-fixed ravenblade champion's ranged attack not being affected the damage amla/animation not working

1.2.3 Release:
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-fixed longrange bug caused by units on the recall list
Ogre Kingdom Changes:
-added several new AMLAs for Ogre Highwayman
-most +10% damage for vassals have been replaced with +20% damage ones, but can only be taken 5 times instead of 20
-fixed Eldest Son's damage amla not working
-the camera no longer scrolls to mercenaries when they paid (except for ringleader)

1.2.2d Release:
-added music fading to the the fortress survival scenario (same code that I made for the 3.5 TLU update)
-outposts no longer rotate

1.2.2c Release:
-made the longrange AI smarter (instead of just randomly picking targets, it now chooses them based on their cost, defense and resistances)

1.2.2b Release:
-longrange AI can no longer shoot through walls
-fixed longrange attacks sometimes being able to fire through walls

1.2.2 Release:
Serpent Khaganate changes:
- added new portrait to Slave Spearman (contributed by Kordov)
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-new unit: Ushkuynki: a more aggressive alt. advancement for fighter (also has custom AMLA)
-drake hero smith's berserk attack is now attack-only
-fixed longrange attack AI causing OOS in multiplayer, and re-added it
-fixed ravenform AI causing OOS in multiplayer, and re-added it
-fixed Fighter and Guard having different movepatterns
Ogre Kingdom changes:
-reduced Feudal's cost from 22 to 20, and increased hp from 42 to 43
-reduced Loyal Bishop's price from 32 to 31
-increases ogre highwayman's price from 21 to 42
-increase noble son's price from 16 to 18 and reduced hp from 38 to 37
-increased eldest son's price from 26 to 32
-increase noble knight's price from 24 to 26
-increased condottiere's price from 20 to 30
-ogre leader now has a new 'uninspiring' trait in pvp to make his leadership less OP
-fixed mercenaries taking gold while in the recall list

1.2.1c Release:
-moved some OOS-causing AI functions back into experimental AI
-changed slav keep terrain
-fixed vampires being able to randomly get the loyal trait

1.2.1 Release:
Bull Tumen changes:
- new battle chariot sprite
- new tribal bull sprite
Serpent Khaganate changes
- the disloyal ability is now inactive if the unit has the loyal trait
Ogre Kingdom changes:
- added new portrait to Ogre Pan (contributed by Kordov)
- fixed rare interface bug
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
- some slav units now use more default human portraits
- fixed a rare terrain bug with walls

1.2.0 Release:
Massive Change:
- new faction: Ogre Kingdom
- The Ogre Kingdom is a formidable feudal power in the mountains west of the Steppe. Choose vassals, keep your mercenaries paid and preach your religion to turn the motley godless army into an army of powerful and righteous warriors of the Light! Ogres need time to gather and organize their forces, which is why the faction is best in the middle of the game. 
Bull Tumen changes:
- buffed battle chariot's axe damage by 1
Serpent Khaganate changes:
- added new AMLAs to Serpent Khagan
- buffed bekh's melee damage by 1
Dead Field Coven changes:
- added new AMLAs to Fiend, and reduced its max xp
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
- added a new attack to Slav Sharpshooter, which can be used twice in one turn

1.1.2 Release:
- replaced the 'enable halos' options with 'disable halos' ones, as the halos were enabled by default
- small translation fixes
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
- added attack animations for Slav Marksman (contributed by Tezereth)
- nerfed jouster's damage
- slightly reduced Knyaz Warrior's cost

1.1.1 Release:
Bull Tumen changes:
- added new portrait to Ogre Hunter (contributed by Kordov)
- added slightly different animation for ogre grunt's heavy blow attack
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
- longranged attacks can no longer shoot through impassable terrain
- added defense animation to magic wall
- fixed some lua errors with experimental AI
- improved slav castle terrain

1.1.0b Release:
- slav AI is now disabled by default (as it's quite buggy), and there's now an 'Enable experimental AI' option (mainly intended for devs/testers)
- added slav castle terrain to the map editor

1.1.0 Release:
Dead Field Coven changes:
-new unit: Primal God (advancement for primal patriarch)
-added new portrait to Chernava (contributed by Kordov)
- +2 ranged damage for primal patriarch
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
-new units: Slav Woodsman and Slav Ranger (alt. advancement path for archer, focused on ambushing enemies and able to build traps)
-new unit: Jouster (alt. advancement for Watchman)
-new russian descriptions for fighter/archer/watchman/skylark/apprentice lines
-increase knyaz's warrior resistances by 5%
-fixed the faction not working in age of heroes

1.0.1 Release:
General changes:
- fixed some text not being translated
Bull Tumen changes:
- new ogre grunt/hunter/mancatcher/shaman/bull/chariot sprites
- added red halo to minotaurs
- fixed the antosocial/weaken abilities not working
Dead Field Coven changes:
- re-added kanavar icons for witches, this time with a new icon
Northern Knyaz Triumvirate changes:
- you can now see the descriptions of the buildings a unit can build via a new 'Building Guide' rightclick menu
- added custom AMLA to Sharpshooter, and reduced his max exp from 150 to 100
- added an extra AMLA to Grand Guard
- improved smithy/idol buff overlay icons
- changed the attack sound/halo color for skylark line
- fixed walls disappearing when terrain changes (happened in scenarios like dark forecast)
- fixed the longrange attack menu looking weird
- fixed outpost terrain bug when advancing via kills
- AI units are no longer obsessed with attacking walls (now they will first try to attack other units, and only attack walls if they have nothing better to do)

1.0.0 Release:
General changes:
- replaced the crappy old translation system with a proper .po-based one. If you find any text that hasn't been translated or other translation errors, let us know. Additionally, you can now contribute by translating the era into your language if you want
- factions now have their descriptions in the help menu, similarly to default era ones
- new add-on icon
- the era has been ported to 1.16
Dead Field Coven changes:
- brought back Primal Patriarch, this time with new art and changed stats
- Demon Warmonger has a new 'souleater' attack, and his 'devourer of souls' ability now gains souls equal to the killed unit's level instead of always 1



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