Wesnoth 1.16 addons

(Good old) World Conquest II 17th Century Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) 18th Century Warfare Era 1v1 League Mappicker 3 Ways 2 Die 8p Elimination Tournament A Dwarvish Tale A Fiery Birth (Drake Campaign) A Goblin Adventure A Group in a War A Hero's Fate A Hidden War A Little Adventure A Magicians Tale A Neverending Era A New Heir A New Land Era A New Order A Random RPG Adventure A Rough Life A Sanguine Tale A Song of Fire A Song of the Winds A Tale of Two Brothers With a Third Difficulty A Vision Blinded A Walk in The Woods A War of Fools A War Of Life And Death A War Plan Scarlet A Whim of Fate A Winter's Tale Accurate Dragonguards Across the Ocean add creature pack Add's Army Advance Wesnoth Wars Advanced Wesnoth Wars (fork) Aethaeryn's Maps Affably Evil After the Storm After the Storm Music AfterBot Balance Patches for Orcs Afterlife Random Afterlife survival Age of Lords Age of Space Age of Trials Ageless Era Ageless Era Units Loader Ageless Resources Ageless Scrolling Survival Ageless World Conquest 2 Ageless World Conquest 2 AI Settings Tool Akladian Music Alariel's Journey Music Alariel's Journey: A Faerie Tale Aldur The Great Alliances Mod Ally Village Modification Alphabet Era Altera Altered Era/Ruleset Amaranthine Stone Amaranthine Stone Music Ambush Rework American Civil War An Independence War An Innocent Man An Orcish Incursion An Orcish Incursion: The Rework ANL_3p Antar, Son of Rheor Anthalia An_Elvish Scout Apple Sauce Archaic Era Archaic Resources Archaic Sounds Ardunynn Ardunynn Resources Arena Maps Arena Survival Aria of the Dragonslayer Armies of Amberan Armory Mod Around the World Ashen Hearts Asheviere's Shadow (Dunefolk Campaign) Assassin in the Forest Assault on the Citadel Attack of the Undead Atz' Maps Bad Moon Rising Battle for Meridia Battle for the Rings Era Battle of Kingdoms Battleground Europe Battleships Berserk limiter Betrayal of Thaeylan Beyond Southern Hells Bienvenue à Wesnoth ! Birth_of_a_Lich Black Magic Black Water Swamp Blood Castle BloodLust Bloody Mod Bloody Mod BomSite Maps BonusTile Born to Live Brave Wings Breeze Modification Burning Souls Campaign Era Campaign-How-To (A Simple Campaign) Capture the Flag (CTF) Case of the Missing Scepter Castle of Evil Spirit Chào mừng đến với Wesnoth! Chaoz Battle of the Wizards (Based on Chaos) Children of Dragons Children of the Dust Chyrospitals Citadel of Drand Cities of the Frontier Clash of Heroes Clash of Heroes Classic Theme Cold Dark Color Changer Colosseum Combat Information Theme Comrades in Arms Confederacy of Swamp Creatures: Big Battle 1 Confederacy of Swamp Creatures: Big Battle 2 Connect6 Conquest (Original gameplay) Conquest Plus Diplo Conquest+ Conquest+ Space/Ranged Corpse Mod Corpse Mod Blood-In-Water Counter Strike Creep Wars Criminal of the Authourities Crin of Crenlyn Crossroads Custom Campaign Dark Siege Dark Waters Dawn of Thunder Dead Whispers Deeds of Sir Swine Default Magical Noob Default Rats Defence of the Goblin II CC Den of Thieves Desert Map Pack Desert Traders Desert war Diamond Map Pack Die Suche nach Erlornas Frau DIY Campaign Doreldos_Fight_to_Liberty Dov's Maps 'n Mods Draconian Era Drake Rescue Dream in the Sand Drunks, Dwarves and Doubloons (Knalgan Campaign) Dungeons of Wesnoth Dusan maps Dwarf Dwarfson Dwarvenminer dwarftough's Study Dwarven Fortress Dwarves Never Get Lost Dwarvish Kingdom Elethiel Elvish Dynasty RPG Enable Optional Unit Advancements End of an Era Epic music Epical Era of Empires Era of Four Moons Era of High Sorcery Era of Horrors Era of Legends Era of Magic Era of Magic + Reign of Lord Era of Magic - Resources Era of Myths Era of Myths – Mappack Era of Seafire Era of Second Chances Era of War Eternal Kingdom Everfell Era Evil Faith Evolves Era and Maps Expendable Leaders 2 Extended Armies Era Extended Era Extra_Advancements_for_Default Extra_Recruits_for_Default Faction-themed Flags Fall of the Western Roman Empire Fate of a Princess Fencing Fencer Final exam Five Fates Flexalex's multiplayer maps Flight to Freedom For Power For the gods Forgotten Conflicts Forgotten Kingdom Forgotten Legends Forward They Cried Frogfolk Delivery Service From Rocks And Blood From the New World Full Music Playlist Galactic Empires Galactic Empires AI Gambling Arena Genesis Genesis Resources Ghostly Calls Girl unDead Goblin Football Goblin's Glory (Northeners Campaign) Gold Mod Gold per Village (easy handicap) Golden Age of Kylandra Grand Strategy GrandCathay(GC)(deving) Great Steppe + Era of Magic Gui Debug Tools Hair to the Throne Half Civ (stock 1.14) Halfelven Hearts of the North Hearts of the North Music Part One Hearts of the North Music Part Two Hellish Demons Heroes Heroes The Iron Bulwark Horn of Faith Hyperactive Novice Healers Imperial Era Improved King of the Hill Improved The Wilderlands In Defense of Kharos Income Augmented Mod Infection Era Inky's Quest Invasion Invasion from the Unknown Invasion from the Unknown Music Invincibles Conquest II Irdya_Dragon Ironriders Isar's Blasphemy, Competition and Training Survivals Isar's Competition Mod Isar's Cross Original Kal-Karthan Purification Force Katzenspiele Kill the King Kingdom Builder Mod Kingdom Builder Mod Knalgan Alliance + Dwarvish Scout Knightmare Knights of the Silver Spire Labyrinth of Cornet Ladder Era Lazersquad Based on Laser Squad and Rebelstar Leader Magic Mod Leader of the Drakes Leader Renewal 2 Legend of the Invincibles Legend of the Invincibles (beta) Legends of Idaamub Legend_of_Far_North Less Random Level Zero Helper Liberating Alduin Liberté (1.14) Lonely Era LordAwsomeness's RPG Era LordAwsomeness's RPG Era Resources LotI Advancements Lucas' Underground Map Pack Mabee Maps Mage of Runes Make HttT Anime Again Marauding Thieves Marbus's Escape Mercenary Band Merry Christmas Messenger Mod Migration of Aragwaithi Mini Maps Collection Mirror Faction Mod Amla Plus Modern Warfers Monkey Hill Island Mountain Witch Move Units Between Campaigns Murky Weathercast Napoleonic Wars (stock 1.14) Nightmare to the Throne Non-Fatal Wounds Non-Fatal Wounds Extended Non-Fatal Wounds: maimed edition Noob Trainer Northern Crusade of Shrogg Stoneface Northern Forces Northern Rebirth Remake Nosmos Survival Maps Now Wesnoth(NW)(deving) Nuke Mod Ogre Crusaders Only Death Behind Ooze Mini Campaign Order of Oerbrae Orocia Random Mod Outrun the Flood Panther Lord Pax Romana (stock 1.14) Peninsula Survival Pestilence Pick Your Recruits Armageddon (PYRA) PlatinumRealm MP Era Platoon Wars Era Plums cave crawl Plunder, Rebuild and Scorched Earth Princess Nilwyn Progressive Mod Project Thursagan Music ProWesnothStart(PWS) ProWesnothStart-modf(PWSM) QQ Dependency Manager Quickie Fight Rage (16+) Raginature Rally For Roanic Random Campaign Random Map Pack Random Units Random Units Collection RandomRecruits Realm of the Dark (Survival) Rebellion in the North Red MP Maps Red Winter (Abandoned) Red Winter Reborn Reflections Reign of The Lords Reign of the Lords Portraits Rescue Mission Return from Captivity Return from the Abyss Return of Sir Charles Return of the Legions (Chapter I,II and III) Return of the Monster Revolution Revolution and Civil War RftA_Music Rise of the Dunefolk Rise of the Elementalist Road Movement Bonus Rogue Order Rough Desert Russia Conquests Salt Wars Sanctuary Sand in the Wind Santa Must Die (Rebels Campaign) Sapient's MP Mappack Saurian Pack Saving Elensefar Saving Elensefar Redux Sea Fire Training SeaFire Season Changer Mod Season Changer Mod Selamat Datang di Wesnoth! Sepulchre of Elran Shadow of the Abyss Shadowborn Shakespeare's Ghost (Undead Campaign) Shards Era Shards Era Resources Silent Grave Sire's Scenarios Skele Survivals Sleuth Sisters Small Healing Halo Son of the Black-Eye Easy Edition Soul Crystals: Leader Revival Southern Nations Speak Mod+ Start of the War Steppe Afterlife Random Steppefolk Stormtrooper Story of the Wose Strange Alliance Strange Legacy - RPG Stranger in Wesnoth Struggle for Freedom Sudden Death Support 1.10-1.14 cores Support Past Default Eras (default-1.4 to 1.14) Survivals (War of Legends) Survive survive Swamp Witch Curse Switch Leader SX RPG ADDON SX RPG MUSIC ADD ON SXCollection Tactics Puzzles Tale of a Mage Tale of Thunedain Tale of Vaniyera Tales of the Rubies Tamanegi Jukebox TBJ_Resources test The Altaz Mariners The Archives The Beautiful Child The Bees Journey The Crystal Queen's Regret The Dark Elves: The Return The Dark Hordes The Dark Hordes(Unofficial version) The Dark Master The Dark Master Project beta: Music files The Dark Master Project Resources The Dark Master Project Resources beta The Dark Rising The Deep Elves The Devil's Flute The Drums of War The Earth's Gut The Eight of Cembulad The Elf, the Dwarf and the Mage The Era of Chaos The Failing Line of Farheidt The Fall of Wesnoth The Flight of Drakes The Fourlands The Garardine Ascendancy The Great Steppe Era The Great Steppe Music (Optional) The Hammer of Thursagan with Bosses The Harvest The Hidden Kingdom The Lands of Karatan The Nameless Fellowship Saga The Pool of Ek The Ravagers The Return of the Darks The Return of the Sea Hag The Revival of Halstead The Roar of the Woses The second Strife The Sojournings of Grog The Soul's Order The South Guard Nightmare The Thelien Attack The Three Elves The Three Sisters Saga The Undead Rising The Unnamed The Unstoppable Legion The War for Illiria The War of Terrador The White Troll The Wolves' Last Path Thick Blood Thrugbad the Good Time Schedule Control To Lands Unknown To Lands Unknown - Resources pt. 1 To Lands Unknown - Resources pt. 2 TOP GUN Trapped - Fight for Freedom Trial by Fire Trials of Tyco Trinity Tulesau (1.14) TWLP_Music Ultimate Random Maps Ultimate Recruits Ultimate Wesnoth Survival UMC Music Book 01 UMC Music Book 02 UMC Music Book 03 UMC Music Book 04 UMC Music Book 05 UMC Music Book 06 UMC Music Book 07 UMC Music Book 08 UMC Music Book 09 UMC Music Book 10 UMC Music Book 11 UMC Music Book 12 UMC Terrain Pack UMC_Terrain_Pack_Old Unbalance_Competition_Maps_Pack Undead Empire Underness Series - Music Pack Unite the Clans United Journey Unitmarker Unrest in Elfland Unto Others Up From Slavery Up the River Bork Valeria Valeria Valley of the Ancients Vendraxis Prophecy Vernum MP scenarios Voyage of a Drake: an RPG Vyncyn Rashy Era Wandering Warriors War and Home War of Legends War of Legends Modification Enabler War of the Gods War of the Gods Extras War of the Jewel Warfare of far lands Water Era Way of Dragon Wayback machine Werewolf Era Wesband WesCraft Weshack Wesmoba Wesmoba Wesnoth Chess Wesnoth Lua Pack Wesnoth Terraforming Wesnoth Tower Defense West's Chronicles I West's Chronicles II Wild Frontiers Winds of Fate Witch Forest WL Era WML Guide Xalzar Quest XP Bank XP Modification Zombie Apocalypse RPG Zombie Upkeep Zombie Variations Zombies: Introduction