Level Zero Helper




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Level Zero Helper

This mod has several features:

 * Changes the recall cost of level zero units.  The new default is 10 gold, but it is adjustable.

 * Optionally adds a few random level zero units to the recall list.  This works for both campaigns and multiplayer.  Campaigns can be played with just an initial recall list, or with a few new level zero units after each scenario.

 * New level zero unit - Trainee Mage.  This unit is as hapless as you would expect, but with a twist. Each Trainee has a destiny; it will level up into some random, unexpected level one mage-like unit.

 * By default, this mod only uses units from core.  There is an option to additionally use units from Ageless Era.  When using this option in multiplayer, make sure that all players have the same version of Ageless Era installed.



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