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War of Dominions is an era inspired by the mechanics of General's Glory and War of Europe series. It has extra features including fortification features and a different recruitment system, which aims to provide a more enjoyable gameplay on large maps. 

0.4: New faction: Rebels.
New map: 501YW (2v2)in expansion mode, featuring the Wesnothian civil war between Eldred and Delfador with asymmetric settings. Balancing in progress.
New graphics for loyalist builder.
Loyalist archer towers don't have fearless feats any more.
Keeps have 1/3 of max hp after upgrade and regeneration +8.
Bug fixes.

0.3: New faction: Northerners.
New map: Small Europe (2-8p) in expansion mode.
Balancing: HI removed from lv1 town hall recuit list. lv1/2/3 keeps generate 1/3/5 gold instead of 1/2/3 now.
Due to technical difficulties players cannot choose factions in dominion mode at the moment. New dominion maps with fixed factions are coming soon. 

0.2: Loyalist siege weapon: catapult. Available to recruit with metropolis (lv4 keep).
New map: Japan(1v1) available with two modes (Dominion and Expansion). In dominion mode players have initial territories (castles and towns). In expansion mode each player has a lv0 camp only at the beginning. AI doesn't work in expansion mode.

0.1: AI is working now! Ai sides have different initial settings and they can not build new castle keep buildings at the moment. Only standard AI is supported now. It's quite strong though it can't organise any very effective attack, so AI vs AI games can take a lot of turns at the moment (will be improved with upcoming siege weapons).
Reduced cost for keep buildings.
Add on type changed to Era.
Author info corrected.

0.0: This is the first version, which has one faction based on default loyalists only. Extra features including castle keep buildings and town defence buildings.



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