To Lands Unknown








Hear the story of Mehir, a young city guard from al-Kamija - an isolated city in the middle of the Great Desert, where people and jinns live together. Reveal Mehir's destiny, visit many exotic places during his journey, encounter strange nations and learn about their intentions.

This is the most visually sophisticated add-on ever created for the Battle for Wesnoth. It has the following features:
- multihex terrain visuals (images covering entire maps to simulate height for example)
- animated cutscenes (video clips)
- more than 200 unique animated units (all from the Era of Magic add-on)
- a completely different universe, not BfW related
- funny moments and turning points
- a special gameplay mode offering an alternative story progression

(25 scenarios, some of which are dialog-only - Requires 'Era of Magic' add-on)

If you encounter any bugs, please notify the campaign author, so the patch can be delivered.

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