The Unstoppable Legion






Chris NS


Epic horseback campaign. The land of Suveran is falling to the invincible armies of Zharagorn. Only Viktor, a patrol guard, and Deuterus, last of the great druids, can stop them.

Currently 21 playable scenarios, full campaign will have 22.


- Command a force primarily on horseback. Use your speed and mobility to outflank and defeat enemies.
- New unit line of Bowrider (derived from Imperial Era). Archer unit on horseback, ideal for hit-and-run.
- New alternate advancements for Cavalryman: Holibars, highly-mobile unit with enhanced defence in villages; and Cataphracts, heavily armoured units that can withstand high damage.
- Secondary force of dwarves joining later in the campaign, featuring alternate advancements for Dwarvish Fighter and Dwarvish Thunderer.
- New hero units of Mounted Noble, Dwarvish Prince, all with custom advancements after reaching maximum level
- Switch between mounted force and dwarven force as the terrain dictates, including dismounting and remounting your main characters.
- Fight the dark legion: a new fanatical force (dervide from Chaos units in extended era) of humans corrupted by the darkest of magic, served an equally fanatical legion of undead.
- Alternate paths that affect the whole campaign: an early decision on which path to take may have repercussions later.
- Ever-changing alliances and enemies: fight alongside outlaws, merfolk, loyalists, woses, orcs, elves, villagers and more; fight against nearly as many.
- Ever-changing scopes of battles, from tactical small-scale skirmishes to full-blown sieges.
- Plus ... the twist you never saw coming.

This upload was part of the vghetto port project and is now back under development of the original author.



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