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SX RPG ADDON is a stand-alone multiplayer ADD ON for Battle of Wesnoth.

What does SX mean:

Originally SX meant --Survival Extreme-- which became throughout the history of wesnoth-add-ons a synomyn
for maps that feature stand-alone-Heroes, that can be upgraded in so-called --shops--, fighting against an army of creeps, 
which constantly increase in strengh while the game proceed. For killing creeps players are granted with gold, that
is used on their side to upgrade their heroes as well, to keep up with stonger creeps and to finally kill the ai leaders.
Gold from killing creeps will be generally given to ALL players. So no matter who kills the creeps, its always a good thing.

A major fun factor is that players gain additional temporary moves and attacks from killing enemy units,
so they are able to perform well planned killing streaks that bring even more gold to the players.

In order to win, players had to kill all enemy leaders, which were boosted in strengh greatly. 
Players need to grow stronger from killing creeps and/or find gold from other sources to achieve this goal. 
All 10ish turn ai als release a batch of bosses, exceptional strong units, which need some teamplay to win against,
or a very well developed single hero.

While this alone is a basic hack-n-slay rpg-like approach, which attracted many players, the development of SX mapping went into 2 directions:
raw maps, seen as --sandboxes-- featuring basic SX gameplay, and on the other side more elaborated maps, that took advantage of the hack n' slayish
sx-gameplay and added adventure or dungeon-exploring gameplay to it.

What does this SXRPG ADDON:

Featuring SXgameplay with RPG elements.

On Top of the already existing differences among the different units,
SXRPG adds 6 classes of Warriors, Clerics, Rangers, Mages,
Rogues and Roguemages all with different strenghs and weaknesses.

It contains so far 5 elaborated Maps/Scenarios which need 80 to 120 turn to finish in average. 
Each scenerio in this ADD ON is an adventure for 1 - 5 players. Any number of Players is welcome.

Less players means more Gold for each player to get started with. While less players get more gold at start,
but it is obvious that more players means more total income, since all players get the gold for killing creeps.

As a special Feature you can define the -Starting Level- in -advanced Options- in Game-Creation-Menu,
default is 0, but for more elaborated starting-Heroes you can chose higher Starting Levels.
The higher the starting Level, the higher the starting gold, but all enemies also rise accordingly
to the Level. I.E.: on lvl-0-start mobs start also at lvl 0, at lvl-4-start mobs start at lvl 4.
(Level is NOT the default level of wesnoth units, instead a sx-dependent measure for stat multipliers)
Starting at different Levels may change the Gaming Expierience and Gameplay.
This Map-Pack also features new units, new terrain, theres an additional soundfile.
The stuff included was mostly done by parts of the wesnoth-community and hopefully put to good use here.
Credits goes out to all who find their work here implemented. Thx to all contributors.
Big thx to all playtesters and people who gave suggestions. Many things implemented were suggested by
players and without these ideas SXRPG would be a lot different. :)
Have Fun.
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