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Saul Black and Co


Balanced era with unique units and graphics, which reflects the development of the Great Continent's nations after the end of the Eastern Invasion and the beginning of the Silver Age. With the introduction of new abilities, gameplay built on the interaction of units with each other. Suitable for PvP and as a basis for your add-ons based on the events between 650 and 1000 YW. Currently four out of eight schedulded factions are finished.

NOTE: What we publish here is a demo version, including all the code and units, but without units' portraits, animataions, and voicing. If you want to enjoy the full version of our era (which size is about 135 megabytes), it can been downloaded from the Google Disk:

We don't ask you to pay us money and fully comply GNU License terms - we do so only because add-ons server does not accept files bigger than 100 MB, and we don't want to split our add-on into several parts.



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