Revolution and Civil War




Multiplayer Modification




It's treason, then!
After a leader dies, a struggle for power will commence within their faction. All units, villages and gold of the faction will be split between the player's side and the rebel faction and one unit on each side will be made into a new leader. 
Rebel leaders can recruit all units their previous side was able to recruit.
Upon  a rebelling leader's death, all their assets will be turned over to their previous faction. 
Multiple rebellions can be going on at the same time and even in the same faction!

Compatible with Expendable Leaders 2. Made for use with Age of Lords, but can be used with any era. Made possible by the generous help of Ravana.

Use the slider in Custom Options during map select to decide which side will be reserved for the rebels. 
Do not use Shuffle Sides unless you're playing on a custom map made for use with this mod, such as those in the great Dominus Map Pack by Karlus Magnus and the Red MP Map Pack maintained by Atreides which reserve a side for the rebels.



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