Plunder, Rebuild and Scorched Earth




Multiplayer Modification




Allows the plundering, rebuilding and razing of villages. Plundering a village grants a configurable amount of gold, but plundered villages cannot be captured until they are repaired. Razing a village destroys it, preventing it from ever being rebuilt. 

To plunder a village, one of your level 1 or above units must stand on that village. To raze a village after it has been plundered, a level 2 or above unit is required.
To plunder or raze a village, the unit standing on it must have full movement points, must not have attacked during the current turn and have no enemies adjacent to it.

Plundering, razing or rebuilding consumes all movement points and prevents attacking. 

Use the custom menu to configure gold gained by plundering and the cost to repair plundered villages.
To plunder raze or rebuild a village right-click on your unit standing on it.



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