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A military part of my future bigger project..
It is totaly playable at the moment.
You recruit units in the castle like normal wesnoth.
Some unit have ranged attacks and can shoot over multiple hexes.
Units become weaker if wounded... 
You research new units and economical improvements.. You may adjust research speed in settings.
There is a realistic small world map for 6 players included (Made by my kind great friend Choicerer),
There is also small Europe map for UP TO 9 players included.
Now also tiny Europe map for up to 7 players for quicker game.
3 Random Map Generators where you can choose Islands, Continents or Crazy FFA map.
But you can play this era on any default map that has castles in it, Isar Cross or whatever else.
By default you start with no villages on map and 3 settlers to build your own villages, but you may change that in settings to start with pre-made villages on historical earth-like maps.
Have fun!
0.3.7 Update adds tons of options for AI, you can disable AI brain a bit to make your CPU perform better. You can always use just more extra AI income and total stupid AI if your PC is really weak (I maked the priority of what is most important and what will be less noticable if disabled). Also improved speed of some AI brain actions and improved logic. Some other changes and bug fixes possible, but I dont remember. Settings for host name etc should remain now after restart. Update improves the AI decisions. Might be slower, I'm not sure, so let me know if any problems. Some other minor changes. Update creates random theme for each computer player (AI) where some of them prefer recruiting ranged units, melee, mounted or a mix. Some other minor changes.
0.3.6 Update allows AI use ranged attacks. Some other minor changes. Update some improvements of AI, few more colors support, horn sound on complete of research, ask for research project on game start and some other little improvements and bug fixes. Update makes AI a bit smarter. Update fixed speed bug in AI attacks on villages.. Had to remove some smartness from AI which was added in, I will try to reimplement it in later versions without speed compromise. Update corrected some AI behaviour and hopefully made it even smarter.
0.3.5 Update added menu to droid/undroid sides properly (Thanks Choicerer for helping me test it). In options host can write his name to use super user rights on droid/undroid menu. AI smarter in attaks and village defense, AI uses ships smarter. Some other tiny changes or fixes. Update has improved small europe map with ships, now there can be chosen also Portugal, Poland and Africa. Map could also be played by 12 players, not 9. Added compatibility of Q CIV with 11 more colors. Update changes basic roads to darker color so they can be seen better hopefully. AI peasants smarter now and prefer to stay on villages. Some other tiny fixes.
0.3.4 Update makes AI use settlers smarter. Some visual bugs with ships boarded units fixed. Earth map with deep water impassables removed. Maybe some other tiny improvements, not sure. Update changes a javelineer pikeman into khalifate pikeman visually. Some other tiny changes and bug fixes. Update has some random maps changes and bug fixes, removed bugged crazy ffa maps and added some 7p continents and islands maps. Some other minor changes, dont remember what exactly they are.
0.3.3 Update includes increase of damage per each level of unit, smarter ai and other important changes or bug fixes.
0.3.2 Update includes changes in prices and different look for roads and castles depending on technologies.
Thanks Choicerer for helping finding critical bugs and make QCIV available on 1.14 quicker!
Any player please help and report bugs that you will find during your game to forum:



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