Expendable Leaders 2




Multiplayer Modification




Allows leaders to promote level 3 and 4 units to the rank of general. Generals can recruit, but cannot appoint other generals. 
Also allows leaders to appoint messengers. Messengers can promote units to generals in the leader's stead. Only one messenger may be appointed per unit that has reached level 3 and only one general may be promoted per messenger.
Upon being promoted to general, the unit loses all MP for that turn. 
Messengers are marked with a loyal icon, while generals are marked with a silver crown.

It is also possible to always promote the first recruited unit to a general, if it is the only unit you control or if you do not already have a general. For this, check Create Deputy or Recurring Deputy in the Custom Options menu.

Intended for use with Age of Lords, but can be used in with any Era. Compatible with Revolution and Civil War (Generals do not prevent rebellions). 
Original mod by Eagly 11.



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