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Sapient, maintained by Atreides


6 MP maps and an RPG scenario.

This was the #1 download for Wesnoth 1.2 so I figured 1.10 should not be its last.
Ported from 1.10 to 1.14/1.16.

Tomb of Kings is a very interesting map with many choke points and routes to take
Mega War is a map in the shape of a robot with warp gates allowing one to choose the destination (AI CAN'T play this map)
Traitors Isle is a 2 vs 2 where the allied leaders have to share a tiny keep; play with humans for extra fun as you bicker :- )
Rumble in Lava Village is a quick leader slugfest (there is a current standalone version out there - it is slightly different)
Northern RPG is a hard (may need more than 1 try) but fun adventure as a bunch of Orcs
Twisted Outpost is a 2 vs 2 where the sides start very close
Morituri 4 player version is a free for all where defeated sides may either suicide or retreat

Upgraded to be compatible with the Civil War and Revolution mod for those scenarios that work well with it.


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