Raze and Rebuild




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Eagle 11


If this mod is on, then any unit(except leaders) can sack villages, to do so the unit should have full moves and be inside the village, then through right-click context-menu can order it to raze the village.
When an village is razed it yields random 3-7 gold for that unit's side and rubble appears at that hex, and the razing unit has it's moves depleted for that turn.

To rebuild a village leader unit must be standing on the rubble hex and have full movement points, then through right-click context-menu you can rebuild the village.
Rebuilding an village that was on flat costs 14 gold, cave, water, snow, desert terrain costs 13g, swamp costs 12g, mountain and hills costs 15 gold.

Update 1.1: Compatibility with my 'Guard Towers' and 'Healing Tent' mods. Guard Towers can no longer raze the village they are built on. Healing Tents cannot be razed anymore to be converted into an permanent village through rebuilding the rubble. New icons for both menus. Fixed 'Rebuild Village' menu command appearing on non 'Village rubble' hexes.



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