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A Mirror Mate and a Wesnoth version checker 2 in 1.
Tells you if your ladder game is a mirror and if enemy is using an older wesnoth version that allows him to potentially cheat by seeing your recruits in statistics. The statistics bug was fixed in 1.14.3 so all versions below are not recommended for ladder games.
Allows you to setup options to protect from save-reload cheat. Where enemy can look your recruits in another wesnoth window by reloading the same game. UNFORTUNATELY currently i found easy way to break it.
You may request an update where save-reload would be protected until both or one of the players agree to it. For example one of the players would like to save, he would then disable protection, but you would receive message that protection was removed for player x, he wanted to be able to save game now.
For now there is the error message of autosave, not sure if I can get rid of it.



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